Technical Data

These wooden floor tiles are made from extremely hard wood and are 8mm thick because of their extreme durability.

  • WOOD: Laurel(Terminalia Tomintosa) and Shisham(Dalber-giaSissoo)
  • HARDNESS: Teak wood taken as 100 Laurel has a hardness of 150 and Shisham 105.
  • SEASONING: The woods are specially steam seasoned reducing moisture to 8%.
  • DIMENSION: The plant manufactures fingers of 25m/mX150m/mX8m/m thick which can be supplied loose or assembled into laying units of 60cmX30cmX8m/m thick whick nylon mesh on the underside or paper top.
  • LAYING: Each laying unit can be bonded directly to plain cement floor or any other hard,level, smooth base with special Parquet adhesive. Apply the adhesive on the floor and Lay New Modern Parquet Tiles. Allow 12-24 hours as drying time.Sand them with an industrial wood sander and wax polish or lacquer per taste.
  • PACKING: Export packing is in 2 cubic feet size cardboard boxes with damp-proof plastic lining. The cardboard boxes are covered by gunny sacks and bound by Iron straps. Weight per box approximately 46 kgs, and contains 62 square feet.
  • CAUTION: Do not use Modern Parquet in excessively damp area unless such areas have been petrated for dampness.
  • MAINTENANCE: Dry mop daily and wax once or twice a month depending upon the use.
  • FINISHING: After the glue has dried(usually in one day) the floor sanded with any industrial sanders meant for wood. After sanding, the floor can be polished with conventional polished or sprayed with transparent lacquer thinned suitably, then polished with wax polish or a reqular EPOXY type lacquer may be used. The latter is extremely durable and needs little or no attention over many years.