New Modern Parquet is the harmonious blend of nature's magnificient timber, human ingenuinity and latest German technology. Made from the hardest wood in the world, it's available in pre-finished profiles of 15cm squares.

  • New Modern Parquet Parquet is easy and economical to install and maintain. It offers an effective resistance to extreme heat and cold and sonic vibrations.
  • New Modern Parquet adds warmth to welcome homes, smartness to offices, class of hotels, life of restaurant,swank to dancing floors and dignity to libraries. Risilient, New Modern Parquet is most suitable for the best indoor sport floorings. It provides an absolutely dust-free and electric shock-prrof floor, a prerequisite for installations of all electronic equipments. Hygienic,it serves equally well in a clinic or a children's room.
  • New Modern Parquet is the very essence of good taste and sound judgement. Yet, for all it's beauty, durability and versatility, New Modern Parquet is priced very competitively with other floorings. It only looks expensive. In fact, it costs as little as half the price of a medium priced carpet.